Custom tours

of Tuscany

You may have not found a Tour that matches your interests from our proposals, so why not design your own tour ?

Just write down the places you’d like to visit, whenever possible we’ll try to make the best itinerary, based on your fitness level and your budget and for all types of Tours, either walking, bycicle, motorbike or guided.

A custom Tour will certainly suit your needs, your schedule and your interests, you decide where to go and when to depart and we’ll take care of the logistics, accommodation, routes, luggage transfers and any extra detail you want to add to your tour ( ex. wine tasting, cooking class, booking of special events etc..) We’ll be glad to help you design your special Tour !

Example of Custom tours in Tuscany

Hereby you have some examples of custom Tours we have designed to the most exigent travellers seeking special holidays.

Photographic tours around Tuscany
– A sightseeing tour around the most emblematic spots, those seen in postcards, photographs and movies.
Guided motorcycle tours from Rome to Florence
– Fill yourself to the brim with art and history and enjoy a ride that will let you feel the difference between both regions.
Luggage assistance for bikers from Rome or Milan airport
– Our stand alone luggage transfer service is the perfect choice for you, contact us.
Guided tours for mountain bikers on the hills around Siena
– Mountain bike fans will love this Tour over the gentle hills and beautiful landscapes of grain fields around Siena.
Motocross tours in the Maremma area
– A Tour off road to discover the wild deep forests of the Maremma, enjoy a ride through the unspoilt nature of this amazing area..
Walking tours with luggage assistance around Florence and Siena
– Feel free to discover the beauties of these two eternal rivals, get the best of both worlds and forget about your luggage.

Design your Custom Tour

Custom tours of Tuscany

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